Robin Stater, owner, principle designer
Robin is a self-taught designer who has been involved in art her entire life. During the 1970's, she owned an antique store in Bishop, Inyo Co Antique Co., where she designed and made custom stained glass windows, as well as selling American turn-of-the century antiques. From the early 1970's, she was involved with home construction, from new to remodeling. She is also a licensed real estate agent since 1985 and works with Mammoth Realty Group in Mammoth Lakes. Since 1988, she has designed and decorated 100's of homes in The Eastern Sierra and around the world. Her unique and original way of seeing homes in an artistic way has made her design style recognizable and in demand for over 2 decades.

Carolyn Smith
Carolyn has worked with the design studio since 2002.  Carolyn has a Master's degree in Interior Design from Cal Poly. She helps out with the bookkeeping and keeping the computers going, too!




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